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Our purpose: To help our customers feel confident, rejuvenated, and cared for.

We have been serving the Buckhead community for nearly 30-years. We welcome you to come in to Kim's Day Spa in Buckhead to relax, unwind, and to feel rejuvenated. 


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Hi! I’m Kim. My late husband, Mr. Hung, and I built Kim’s Day Spa together. We have served the Buckhead Community for nearly thirty years. In 1990, we moved to the United States from Viet Nam. I was only twenty-years old. We landed in New York and stayed only a brief time before we found our forever home in Atlanta. Mr. Hung and I have an amazing son, Anh Bao and an awesome daughter, RoseMarie. ​Our purpose: To help our customers feel confident, rejuvenated, and cared for. The reason I have such a passion for skin care is because I was born with a birthmark that covered the right side of my face. It was like a mask that I could never take off. It not only masked my face, but my confidence as well. I yearned to remove it. In 1997, I began a three-year journey that consisted of several painful laser procedures. For me, it was worth it. Below are photos before the surgery took place. Although I was generally happy, I still felt plagued by my large birth mark.

My personal story motivates me to help others boost their confidence and achieve an about face to the world! I will admit that, along the journey of wearing this pigmented mask, I found my inner beauty and a profound inner gratitude that I may not have otherwise discovered. ​“You can just feel Kim’s lightness and happiness. When you walk in the door, you sense her cheerfulness and deep-rooted gratitude. I always feel ‘seen’ and welcome there.”  -Caroline, customer Since the surgery, I have regained my confidence and I feel compelled to help others. I decided to become a certified aesthetician. I trained with B. Terry Seymour, III, M.D., MBA. In addition, I have received expert training from Obagi dermatologists. My mission is to help clients increase their confidence. It brings me such joy to see my clients happy and glowing.  Coming to work does not feel like work to me – it feels like I am living out my purpose to help others be their best selves.  Come visit us! We’d love to see you!

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